Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance helps cover the unexpected costs and potential loss of income associated with a serious illness. From the additional costs associated with medicine and treatment, to travel, home care and specific accommodations if needed, treating and recovering from an illness can have a devastating financial impact. Plus, if you’re unable to work during your recovery, the impact is even greater.

With critical illness insurance, if you become sick with one of the covered conditions covered by your policy and survive the waiting period, you receive a cash benefit. You can then use the funds as you wish.

Group Benefits for Small Businesses

Running a business presents many daily challenges, but here’s a decision that’s easy to make. When seeking an affordable way to give your employees the advantages offered by a group benefits plan, I can help.

The LaunchPlan™ is a group benefits program designed exclusively for companies with 2 to 9 employees. It’s a straightforward plan that’s easy to get started and easy for your employees to use and understand. It offers an affordable, sustainable way to protect employees and build a better business.

If you are looking for a wider selection of benefits products and services with greater flexibility for your company, ask us about AlphaPlus®, a benefits plan suited for small businesses with 2 to 24 employees.

For more information on these two plans, click here.


The LaunchPlan™, AlphaPlus® and Group Benefits are offered through Manulife Financial (The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company).  The LaunchPlan is not offered to groups with a business presence in the province of Quebec.

Travel Insurance

Choose the plan that’s right for you.

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Manulife Travel80

Term Travel Insurance

Manulife Financial is the first to offer term travel insurance with this unique combination of benefits.

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Annuity options

The Manulife Principal Protected AnnuityTM is a Life Annuity option that provides you with principal protection by ensuring the money invested will always be received as income to you or as a legacy for beneficiaries.

Life Annuities will provide you with guaranteed, regular income for life. They can be purchased as a single life, based on one person’s life, or as a joint and survivor, based on the lives of two people.

Term Certain Annuities provide investors with guaranteed, regular income for a selected period of time. Once this period is over, income payments cease and the annuity contract ends.

Prescribed Annuities offer preferential tax treatment if you are investing using non-registered funds. Each payment includes the same amount of interest and capital. This evens out the amount subject to tax and provides some tax deferral. A Manulife Annuity may qualify as “prescribed.”

For more information about annuity options, please feel free to contact us.

The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company is the issuer of all Manulife Annuities.  Manulife Principal Protected Annuity is a trademark of the Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and is used by it and its affiliates under license.

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